Creative cover illustrations are super important, particularly if you are a publication focusing on tech, startups, science and future of business. We have picked four best covers, made on Minty, with Owl Agency illustrators for Forbes Next magazine.


Elon Musk Cover

You have probably seen portraits of Tesla and SpaceX founder elsewhere. But in depicting Elon Musk in flat style illustration? That is a bit different cup of tea.



Plastic pollution in our oceans is a problem. But how would you say it in one single artwork?

Margret thought about swarms of plastics we start to see more and more instead of swarms of fish.

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The Brain Hacks

Brain, the most fascinating part of our bodies and yet, still least explored. Brain hacking and Elon Musk’s neuraling were two biggest topics of this Forbes Next, beautifully connected in Risto’s cover illustration.