Welcome to the future. It’s year 2021 and we would love o introduce you to 5 outstanding female illustrators to hire on remote.

1. Medicine & health illustrations by Maja

With viruses all around us there is an urgent need of medical illustrations – one of the top illustrators focusing on them is Swedish artist Maja. Inspired by 50’s and 60’s she is creating beautiful collages with a modern expression and patterns to use on medical packaging or editorials.

2. Satiric tone with Bessa

There is a time and place for satire. But when you are looking for it, it’s not easy to find many artists specialising on a certain tone. Who would you hire to themes you want to lighten up or if looking for visual stylisation with an edge? Ideal candidate would be Prague based illustrator Bessa.

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3. Queen of conceptual works - Ana

Not many female illustrators are capable of conceptual work. But there is one, you would never guessed there is a woman behind the screen. No girly colours, no silly concept. Just a beautiful bold work done on a schedule.

4. Margret, a single mum you want to hire

To not think female elements in Art-work are bad, I have selected to show you Margret. That rare instance only certain women have, which allows you to experience the feeling of care even in images for a development project is what makes Margret’s works truly special.

5. Hungarian jewel Judit

Out of scale bodies, nowadays concepts, inclusive body shapes, bright colours, quirky poses, … Judit have it all. Young talent spotted near Budapest is available to hire from small to a midsize projects for established brands to build up her portfolio.

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