Hug from Judith

Judit loves to work with bold shapes, vibrant colours and use a minimal colour palette. She really enjoys drawing stylised disproportionate shapes and can make them move by using simple playful lines.

Hug from Somewan

Somewan likes to illustrate whimsical stuff with bright colours and belief to bring both visual delight and consistency to this world.

Hug from Qiaoyi

Qiaoyi Shi is New York based illustrator and printmaker, who currently teaches at Parsons and Pratt, loves bubble illustrations and printmaking.

Hug from Maria

Cute pets, balmy watercolours and comic life situations. Those moments and much more are captured in Maria’s vivid illustrations.

Hug from Sophie

Rough and yet cute pencil illustration style, that brings warmth and positive energy. All this and much more, from Sophie.

Hug from Davide

Love is love! DaZa illustrated hug of Bea and Giò, two webcomics characters and symbols of Pride event in the city of Vicenza, Italy.

Hug from Carmela

Group hugs are something we need the most! Send some love to your friends with this awesomely wide hug by Carmela!

Hug from Ruth

Ruth’s warm and illustrative style will transport you to easier times, when everything was simpler and sweeter.

Exceptional times needexceptional hugs.

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