Official Company Address:
Kupeckeho 5, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

Pop-up Office:
Next media accelerator GmbH
Eifflerstr. 43, D-22769 Hamburg

Andrej Kiszling
+421 904 235 709

CMO & Strategy
13 years Entrepreneur and Design Strategist (at 23 built advertising agency with clients like EON or AIG; Leo Burnett, Lavish London – creative image rights & licencing)

Petra Kemkova
+421 949 774 225

CEO & Product
12 years in Publishing & Digital Media (Bauer Media, News Int. London, Redactive London, launched OWL Agency – representation for european illustrators)

Founded by a couple Petra Kemkova and Andrej Kiszling in November 2014.
The idea was to create a digital tool for editorial and advertising Art Buyers.
From creators of CEE based illustration agency OWL Agency.

Minty is

  • Biggest source of original author illustrations
  • Place to go to discover endless possibilities of remote working artists
  • Place to get inspired when working on a new project
  • Free to browse through images and illustrators
  • Free to create portfolio


  • Founded in Slovakia, Eastern Europe from a block a house apartment
  • Established on Halloween and all important contracts have been magically signed on this one date – we never get to dress up
  • family company run by a couple