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visualising your ideas! You will acquire more ideas for the project, independent point of view and professional skills.

Minty Smart Brief learns about your needs, gives you insights for budget and makes sure you will find the right artist.

You will find the right person to illustrate your project.

Use the full potential of Minty, and get monthly Art Buyer Plans where you can save on custom made artworks and talent sourcing within Minty professional community.

Communicate inside app using built in messenger. Artists upload sketches of ideas a drafts of artwork in few feedback rounds.

"Just like Uber, the only difference is you hire professional illustrators instead."Forbes, Czech Republic
”Minty is the new illustration platform to keep an eye on.”PAGE, Design Magazine, Germany
“This is one of the more enjoyable talent marketplaces to browse”Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt, USA

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Build your remote art department

Hit the ground running. Work remotely with creatives who have track record of success. Find them, hire them, and make them part of your remote team.

Our 1 seat plan starts at 15€/month.

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Minty Smart Brief makes sure you will find artist you need. Say bye to dummy forms

Get invoice for each collaboration with simple payments solution supporting all major credit cards

Contracts & Artwork Usage Licenses tailored exactly for each and every creative project