Great Artwork needs a great brief

You will never want to get back to old fashioned, static dummy forms or pdfs. Smart Brief is the world's first form, that provides you with pricing suggestions and artist alternatives.

Visual Guide

To maximise your efficiency, each brief contains set of questions and visual mood-board, which helps you specify, which style of illustrator you prefer.

Budget Insights

With data from more than 3000 illustrators, Smart Brief suggests 3 budget price levels, which will be accepted by artists.
Alternatively, you can suggest your own budget.

Silent Brain

Smart Brief's AI learns your requirements and immediately researches which illustrators besides your choice would fit your description.


Smart Brief awaits a response of the illustrator of your choice. If there is no response, or if artist declines the offer, your brief automatically goes to relevant artists and you are immediately matched with the ones interested in your brief.

Easy to use tool designed for creative processes.

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"Just like Uber, the only difference is you hire professional illustrators instead."

Minty Smart Brief makes sure you will find artist you need. Say bye to dummy forms

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