How Minty Works

If you are professional illustrator, welcome! You are in the right place. Minty is an easy way to manage new work from clients, organise your portfolio and track licenses.


Minty helps you to get new work

Managing new work, clients and creative collaboration can be exhausting. Minty Briefing tool does all the hard stuff and helps you focus on creative process. Here is how:

Clients can send you new work

Just a single click on “Create a brief” button creates a commission for you. No emails, phone calls, meetings or social media chats.

Tip: Promote your Minty profile

Make sure you can accept new work directly from Instagram just with one click. To convert new clients immediately in Instagram app, place your Minty address to profile bio.

Also, tag @tasteminty account so our curators can reshare and tag your work and profile.

Step by Step Project Management

Minty guides clients seamlessly through all key points of your brief, from description of project, through submitting moodboard visuals to budget negotiation.

Your collaboration in one place, under one link

Each of your commissions get a channel, where all the work, conversation and file exchange happens. Here you can communicate with your client, upload drafts and comment feedback. Thanks to this, you have a clear record of your work on project.


Payments management

Minty automatically sends invoices to clients, tracks the payments and notifies you, when funds are cleared. Billing for your projects is always available in your dashboard.

Passive Income From Licenses

Minty tracks your licenses and automatically offers extension of exclusive license to your clients. This means future income for you, without a single click.

Each Commission Recorded

Control your invoices and check pay dates in dashboard. Everything in one place.

Send invoice to client? Already done.

Remember those times, when you forgot to send an invoice early? Not on Minty. Once you upload your work in your Minty Collaboration Channel, we automatically generate and send invoice to your client. Now, you can really forget about administration, Minty does that for you.

Secure payments before you start

Most of Minty clients will pay for your work in advance to our secure third party account.

Why? Because Minty requires new clients to pay after you confirm their order request in My Briefs section of your profile.

How Minty Works

Commissions on Minty are split in two parts. Costs of work and cost of license. Previously, estimating and tracking license was a hard job for a little army of IP lawyers. Not anymore. Our AI makes sure your image rights are used according in license smoothly and quietly in background.

You get to keep 90% from your work fee.

Tip: Invite your clients to Minty and keep 100%.

You get also share from license. We split it 50%-50%
We take average cut 26% from whole commission

Minty offers exclusive license purchase to each client.
License contract attached to your artwork means, that your work will be safe. Plus you get paid in the future, if someone would like to use your work again.

We give you 50% from license fee, plus our AI has always on mind to keep the overall price affordable. This results to average 26% fee from full costs of clients work, making you earn more from licenses and still keeping highest share from overall costs.

How much you keep from collaborations on Minty?

On Minty, every commission has two parts: Work and License, splitting the what you earn into two revenue sources.

Work is the cost of your work, and clients will pay it only once. License is a fee for value your work brings to client and can be repurchased again and again and again. Thanks to this, clients can be sure to have all image rights sorted in single click, while Minty Licensing system can earn you money again long after the artwork is delivered.

Commission Fee Structure

You keep 90% from Work

You keep 50% from License

Result? Earn more than agency standard.

Average Artist Earnings on Minty ( 74% from commission)
Average earnings with other agents are 70%