How to start on Minty as an Artist

How to rock on Minty, start making money and get more commissions

Show off

Upload your images in dashboard to create showcase

Nice market oriented showcase is artist’s business card. It’s extremely important and inevitable in order to have enough clients to survive. Well done showcase can rocket average artist, wrong one can drawn exceptional one.

Start making money immediately

Introduce images with free licenses to the market and start building yourself some passive income

Your rights and licenses are real big deal. Don’t give them up, instead use them as an asset. With any artwork you ever created, you can get financial gain through Minty even after it’s exclusive license expires. Check your older contracts and think to the future with Minty.

Manage your career using professional tools

Use the advantage of our available tools to keep your own autonomy, while working as a pro

Anytime any of your clients contact you, you can set up a new project and direct them from your email or phone to work through professional tool made specifically for creative illustration projects. It will bring benefits to everyone.

Promote your business

Minty provides you with all available tools to spread the word about your work

Birds don’t sing about your work. You have to. Add your Minty Link to all your social media profiles and let people discover your professional portfolio. You can also share your new uploads to keep building your fan base.

Discover Minty Link

Let us help to promote your work

Send us any materials about your work and we will blog about you