Frequently asked questions

Minty is tool for professional art buyers and artists to collaborate together in order to deliver great visual content.  Client / art buyer can either get ready-made imagery, or request artist to create custom made illustrations.

Main reason Minty exists is for artists to be able to make the living from art. Not only to provide a tool for easier collaboration with clients, but also providing an option to monetise images after original clients don’t need them anymore. On the stock, artists can resell licenses to old images after their exclusive licences hasn’t been renewed by the original art buyer. All such images can be uploaded to stock and can create passive income for illustrator.

You would be surprised. Because client doesn’t need to pay your time working on artwork, it’s cheaper. You can imagine, a student working on a new project, needed some illustration for his/her website, you can imagine huge publishing house using those artworks for their digital feed, or farmer using your artwork for his flyers offering discount on carrots.

Unlike Society6 or Etsy, on our stock we don’t sell products or posters with artworks on it. We only sell licences to digital files containing the artwork. Yes, it’s like photo stock but high quality illustrations only. Plus you have the option to connect directly with the illustrator in case you need to customise existing artwork, or create a brand new one.

Yes. And that’s perfect example, because you can work on non-profit project without pay, but you are not giving up the licence for the artwork. You create artwork free, but if client needs to use it exclusively, they can buy exclusivity rights later and if they won’t do, you can monetise your artwork through stock while letting non-profit organisation use it for their purpose – it just won’t be exclusive for them to use.

Every image is automatically protected by watermark. We are also able to protect by watermark animated gifs. In case there are any glitches on watermarked preview, do not worry, original file shouldn’t contain glitches. If it does, get back to us and we will return your payment.

Follow this guide when preparing your images to upload. Once you upload your artworks, go to edit section, name and tag your images. Once everything ready from you, click the button “Offer this artwork on market”. After our curators check whether everything ok, they approve artwork to go to stock. This may take couple of days. If you are waiting too long, check, if your artworks are meeting all requirements from the guide.

Once you upload your art work, go to edit section and name and tag your images. Describe what you see in your image by answering following questions: Who, what, when, why?

Example: Two tall girls playing tennis having fun after sunset.

High resolution jpgs at least 5000 pixel lengthways direction and should be saved with a resolution of 300 dpi in the mode of sRGB. File size must be smaller than 15MB. Software won’t let you upload otherwise. If you are experiencing any troubles while uploading, please double check if you have all parameters right. Please do not upload big images if you are not willing to put them to stock. It’s not very budget effective for us.

No. By uploading an artwork to Minty site, you are granting Minty an exclusivity to sell artwork’s licence. The same artwork can’t be sold or offered for free anywhere else on internet. Why is that? You don’t want stock sites to be competing by price over your artwork, don’t you?

Yes you can. But only you can do it. You can even use society6 or other service to do so. Anyone else, even buyers who bought the licence from Minty are not allowed to print your artwork on any object to sell it, unless they purchased special license to do so. Please be aware, no other service, or your own website can be offering the digital file containing the artwork for download.

You need to create artist account. That’s all! You are good to go. Creating your showcase is as easy as drag and drop.

Yes, sure. Minty is for all professional illustrators.

If your agent holds global exclusive rights over your artworks and licences to your artworks you always have to notify agent when you are collaborating with client on Minty. At the moment you can just send them url of your collaboration. We are currently working on more features to invite your agent to be part of the collaboration.

If your agent holds exclusive rights for certain region. You have to notify agent if the client from that region wants to collaborate with you. Clients from the rest of the world don’t need to be reported to your agent.

If contract with your agent is non-exclusive, you can freely work on Minty.

If you are collaborating with some agent without contract, you can freely work on Minty.

To receive payment for your collaboration and commissions, first you need to fill out payment details in your Minty account.

When your collaboration is finished, we try to make a payout as soon as possible up to 60 days. To finish collaboration, you need to upload final artwork within Minty strip.

Collaborations on custom made assignments

Cut from all licences


Cut from direct collaboration with client from Minty.


Cut from direct collaboration with the client you invite.



Cut from licences


Cut from asset prices