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Every single collaboration with any of our artists on our platform is always accompanied with proper contracts generated for you based on brief. Also we will store it for you as long as you keep your account.

No extra expenses anymore, just awesome illustrations with proper image rights documentation.

Contract in your hands

Each custom made illustration from Minty comes with bespoke artwork License and Contract.

Unlimited License

Minty Unlimited License is designed according to art buyers needs. Make your illustration work for you. No strings attached.


Besides Minty Unlimited License, Smart Briefs automatically calculate your Exclusivity License, to put illustration totally off the market. Pick Exclusivity from one month to 2 years.

Easy to use tool designed for modern enterpreneur.

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”Minty is the new illustration platform to keep an eye on.”

Design Magazine, Germany

Minty Smart Brief makes sure you will find artist you need. Say bye to dummy forms

Get invoice for each collaboration with simple payments solution supporting all major credit cards

Contracts & Artwork Usage Licenses tailored exactly for each and every creative project

Get your custom illustration with contract now!

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