Michiel Baumgarten

Michiel Baumgarten has been drawing since he was a child. Cars, monsters, super heroes, his family; if he had time to draw, he was drawing. As a child he had a dream: to become a ‘real’ illustrator . This dream has come true!

Since 2007 Michiel has worked as a professional illustrator and has grown a lot to become the illustrator he now is. He still has a lot of fun making illustrations on a daily basis. That could be for a campaign for a client, but he also likes free work, which gives him a lot of energy and ideas for other illustrations. These last years Michiel has (also) become a specialist in drawing for animations.

Represented by OWL AGENCY.

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Bessa is illustrator and artist, recognisable by style with tiny strokes, creating exaggerative characters connected in dynamic compositions full of movement with humour and lightly satiric tone.

Represented by OWL AGENCY.

Exhibitions: Lustr Festival of Illustration Prague, 2018; Lustr Festival of Illustration Prague, 2019; No planet no fun, Barcelona, 2019; Awards: World lllustration Award 2020, Shortlisted Artist; Three x three Illustration Awards 2020, Merit; Memberships: ASIL, Slovak Illustrators Association

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Minty has always worked as a place, where professional illustrators got connections with art buyers and designers. NFT’s opened new possibilities for artists, however, with two big problems.
First, the market of nft is growing daily, with new art pieces added every second. Lack of curation, makes finding artwork harder everyday.
Second, are barriers, both based on marketing power and technical resources. Ethereum gas fees, in combination with wallet requirements set an economical & technical barrier for majority of extremely talented illustrators.

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