Hello Minty Artists!

You probably already know that Minty team collaborates with Adobe Stock team.

What does it mean? We have a direct access to push your illustrations from Minty stock to Adobe stock – Premium illustration collection.

Why would we do it?  We are always finding ways to maximise revenue from your artwork. Adobe is one of our partner distribution networks for stock images.

How do we do it? We are regularly searching through images available on our stock and if we see the image that meets Adobe Stock requirements, we push it to Adobe team for approval and upload to their stock, too.

How can be your images pushed to Adobe Stock?  First they need to be present in our stock. Go to edit section of your images one by one and make them appear in Minty stock via green button underneath the preview “Offer this artwork on Market”.

This is how it looks like:

Offer this artwork on market

Don’t forget to correctly tag and categorise them to be appearing when art buyers do their search.

If you don’t see green button underneath the image preview, it means one of the two possible things: you already pushed the button before, or image does not meet technical requirements.

Technical requirements to fit both stocks are as following:

JPEG is preferable format

Size 4MP

Resolution print quality 300 DPi

Colours RGB

*(if you are uploading just portfolio images, not for resell on stocks, please don’t upload 4MP images, but much smaller… it hurts our servers and budgets :/ Thanks!)

Visual guide here

Copyright: You must own or control all the rights to files you submit. Don’t submit files that don’t belong to you (for example, photos that your spouse took) or that incorporate items that are not yours, such as content found on the internet.

Local and federal laws: You must follow local and federal laws when creating and submitting content. We do not accept illegal, pornographic, or immoral content.

Release forms: Some content may require a model and/or property release. In general the places, buildings, brands, or trademarks can’t be present.

Personal information: Do not embed your personal or company logos, watermark, name, or tracking information into your files.

Nudity: Never submit any sexually explicit material.