Portfolio features

Great portfolio can be a game changer. Updating portfolio regularly is as much essential as painful. That's why we made it so simple.

"Drag and drop"

We could'n think of easier way as drag and drop all new works into one container.

One layout only

In order to make regular update of the portfolio as simple as possible, we have chosen to make only one layout optimised to protect your images.


Every image has the option to be categorised and tagged, so we can pop up suitable portfolios to Art Buyers when looking for certain style or subject of the illustration.

It's free.

Easy to use tool designed for modern visual creator.

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"Portfolios need to be kept up to date including the best new commissions that the artist has worked on. It's important for the portfolio to feel fresh, not stagnant."

"Show diversity within the subject of your work. Do not draw only bears, if you are looking for a variety in briefs."

"Present a coherent signature style. Art Directors need to feel confident, that they know what they're going to get."

Hey guys! Portfolio is and will be “work in progress” for any artist. Which is great, because you can upgrade it to be better any day – one image at a time. Here are my 3 tips for today.

Petra Kemkova, Senior Agent at Owl Agency and creator of Minty

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