The futuristic predictions from 90′, showing people criss crossing high tech metropolises with breathing masks have become real with recent virus: Covid 19.
Although there is no need for panic,  quarantines have redefined the ideas about leisure. Minty Community Managers together with Owl Agency Art Director’s Club have defined two main directions your leisure and free time communication can go.


Let’s have good times anyway

Spreading panic is not healthy, as it drives anxiety and stress. Which is, what you don’t want, especially when trying to communicate visually positive messages.

Focus on positive things in life, such as new experiences, sunny weather, nice food and nice people is crucial. In the end, having positive mind is important also for your immunity, at least on placebo level.
So, optimistic illustrations, depicting all the good things in life is certainly safe bet for visual communication this spring.

Don’t be afraid to show tropical destinations, like the ones on Monica Aletto’s artworks, sunny beaches, seaside. Why? Because there is 100% chance, that summer will either come or already is somewhere.

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Simple things in different light

If you are in more delicate position and still need to spread positivity and happiness with your communication style, focus on simple things in life, depicted in avantgarde styles, is the way. It has been long time, since we had really praised the quality time home, watching TV, playing games or cooking. Remember, angle is the most important thing, when showing ordinary life.

The more emotional angle you have, the more interesting message you deliver.

Anna Grimal’s artwork (originally created for WeTransfer), is the classic example of depicting simple activity: search for something in calming and optimistic visual. See below first drafts of this artwork.