While a lot of us are probably no strangers to remote work, creative collaboration from home can be difficult because home-office brings a lot of distractions to our focus. We have put together 5 tips for successful creative remote work, to help you keep undistracted and productive.


Create regular workplace

Although it is popular to depict people working from bed or bath during lockdown, having designated workplace in your home is important.
Some people are more lucky than others and can work from anywhere, but some need “work” triggers to get their head ready for work. Having a structure with established work place, such as stocked desk dedicated just for work is a great help. Also, don’t forget about basics, such as internet speed. Often, the weak wi-fi signal in your workspace could be quickly solved simply by buying wi-fi extender online.


Take breaks

Take regular breaks, just like you do when you are at the office. It can be tempting to pull the “all dayer” and add “all-nighter”, but doing this will probably harm your productivity and eventually also your mental state. Recent survey found, that taking breaks actually does the opposite: increases productivity and well being.


Use right software

Lingering solely on email with telephone will make your life difficult. Make sure you are using proper tools, designed for remote work.
Minty is great for hiring creatives and creative online work, with integrated collaboration tool that allows to send files with messages back and forth for feedbacks and provides smart escrow payments. Add quick Zoom sessions to discuss more complicated problems via video meetings.

Build your remote art department

Acquire more ideas for the project, independent point of view and professional skills. Work remotely with creatives who have track record of delivered projects. Find them, hire them, and make them part of your remote team.

Our 1 seat plan starts at 15€/month.

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Create schedules

Make schedules and lists for everything. Working creatively from home is challenging, because of constant distractions posed by our kitchen, fridge, kids or pets. Therefore, creating a strict schedule will help you to stay on track and move on.


Be social

Working physically alone definitely does not mean that you have to be alone also socially. Make sure, you will supplement lack of personal contact with social media presence. Besides being with friends on Facebook or Twitter, make also sure you are visible on professional networks, whether it LinkedIn with general focus, or professional creative networks such as Minty or Behance.

Awesome cover Illustration by:
Jan Šramek.