The killing of George Floyd has started immediate anger and grief. Not only on streets, but as well across creative industries. Designers, creatives and illustrators are using their talents to express not only anger, but also resilience and hope. We have picked some of their illustrations and designs that are filling us with hope and energy.


Equality & Love

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Along with equality, Anna’s post is focusing on what we need most: Love.


Discover more artworks from Anna here.


Power & Protests

Sometimes protests against violence can be illustrated in a feminine way. But always you need to show the energy, in order to transfer it to the people.


Inspiring Leaders

In times of crises, it is important to realise, that we are not alone in this fight. When you look back, to history, you will find inspiring leaders, who guided us.
Often, just a look at good illustration portraits (such as these beautiful pieces by DaZa), can charge you with positive energy.