Only 37.5% of people would not hide the fact that they are LGBT+. This is alarmingly low rate. However, making people proud about who they are is something illustrations and art can help with .

We have put together few illustrations to support all of our LGBT+ family out there.
Get inspired, be proud and stay strong! 

1. Love & Hugs

Love, in its true form is simple depiction of calm kindness, understanding and passion for someone else.

Hug is an universal symbol, instantly showing the soft, tangible side of having someone on your side.

Send some more hugs here.

Art, filled with love by Sasa and Alexandra.

2. Sharing the moment

Being together and sharing the moments of our lives together. Probably the most important thing – the one that feeds our “memory engine”, and keeps us dreaming, from past to future. Therefore, it is important to be proud about these moments, prouder than about anything else.

Astonishing art by Domagoj Šokčevič.

3. Celebrate diversity

Each and everyone of us is different. We should treat this as a treasure. Our vivid uniqueness and differences is something we should cherish as most valuable asset. Ever.

Awesome art by Michiel and Judit