We live in extraordinary times, often with extraordinary challenges and burdens. Therefore, events designed to unwind and refresh your mind (like Halloween), should be as authentic as possible, to make sure, your mind will be able to escape daily scrutiny to exciting thrills.
We have put together three quick tips, to make sure you find the right balance in your illustrations.

1. Audience

Know your audience. Nowadays it is not about making differences among age groups (older generation quite often have more radical fun than younger), but rather about making sure that all the fun you prepare stays inclusive for everyone.

Inclusivity does not mean boring. Draw inspiration from fictional universes, superheros and mystical worlds to build up the narrative which will capture people’s minds.
For hiring an artist, seek a multi-skilled professional, like Alex.

2. Be open to new things

In ever changing world around us, it would be a mistake to not try something new. Don’t be afraid to incorporate new approaches or styles. Have you used pencil artworks last year? Go for CGI illustration this year!
In visual world, keeping tabs on how visual styles are changing is the key.

3. Do not be afraid of scary authenticity. 

Probably the biggest challenge in producing something fun and captivating is the authenticity. Here, inspiration with Halloween is a great help, which actually goes way beyond this holiday. Do not be afraid of integrating the “scary” element into visual communication. It gives an itch and fresh inspiration to all your clients.
Below is the “scary” illustration campaign for “Viva Barefoot” by Eugen.