1. Create a brief

When you find artist you like, you can get in touch by clicking the button "Create a brief".

Find artists to work with

2. Become a member of Recruiter's Club

If you are not a member of Recruiter's Club, our site will navigate you to become one. Only our members are allowed to get in touch with artists.

Become our member

3. Fill in all the details about the assignment

Briefing tool will guide you through all the information artists need in order to take over the assignment.

4. Minty generates contract for you

You don't need to worry about that grey area, when both sides agree, but legal documents are missing. Minty Contracts are generated automatically and immediately after you send brief to artist.

5. Indicate Budget

Budgeting is the most important indicative step, as it plays main role for artists. You don't pay anything now. Request for payment comes later, only if you and artist agree on the project. With Minty, you keep everything in your hands.

6. Coupons and discounts

Sometimes we share seasonal discounts, keep an eye on our Newsletters and social media accounts.

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