How to cancel subscription

Have you ordered Recruiter's Club package to work with artists and you are not planning to use the service for some time? Best would be to cancel the subscription. If you will need the sevice again, you can repurchase the package anytime.

Log in to your account

In order to cancel your subscription, you need to log in to your account.

After you are logged in, you need to find navigation panel to your account. It is located under your name with an icon of hamburger, an internet sign for navigation panel.

Find Recriuter's Club section

Subscription packages are always appearing on the first place in the navigation bar.

You are looking for the Recruiter’s Club package.


If you do not know whether your package is active look on the button.

If it says “Join the club”, your package is not active.

If it says “Active”, you package is active.


Underneath the package is information about activation.

By clicking the green X, you will cancel the subscription by deactivating the package. Therefore your card won’t be billed anymore.

Deactivation of "Post a job" packages

Green X to deactivate other packages can be always found underneath the activated package.

On case you subscribed to one of the “Post a job” packages go to “Post a job” section of the site. You should find the information about your program underneath the packages.