1. Find the right illustrator for you

Browse for illustrator names, portfolio styles, object words or hashtags.

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2. Brief your artist

A clear, detailed brief gives the illustrator much better understanding of what you need. We have designed a form to help you navigate through questions every illustrator needs to know when considering a project.

a.Estimate the cost of work first

Always think about your project as a whole. Remember, if you want more artworks, artists may not accept your cost of work, if it is too low.

b.Decide what Usage License you need

Usual value of Minty License is about 60% of whole budget. Make sure you pick the right Exclusivity, to get your needs covered.

Unlimited Use for All Works

No matter which license you choose, you get Minty Unlimited License.

Buy Exclusivity according to your needs

Each custom brief requires you to select Exclusive License that gives you full control over the artworks in your project. Pick Exclusivity from 1 month to 24 months.

c.Send your brief to Artist

Once you have estimated your budget, send it over to artist. You don't pay anything, until both parties reach agreement.

4. Collaborate and communicate with artist in one place

After analysing hundreds of artist commissions, we have built a tool to collaborate on their projects. Minty Collaboration tools offer clear and organised way to post feedback, review draft illustrations and transfer payments.

Happy collaboration!

5. Manage projects and artists via Dashboard

Find all collaborations, finished or new, in one place together with your favourite artist and illustrations. Get artist recommendations suited exactly for you by Minty Agent, start hiring new artists or just explore what's new.

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Find artwork - product of collaboration forever in your library

We will store the artwork in your Minty library. You can Browse older ones, update licenses and always come back to artists you enjoyed collaborating with. We will also always notify you about license expiry date in advance.

Happy collaboration!

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