Who said that your profile picture has to be the same dummy frame, just like the one in passport?
It is 2020, and, unless you want to bore your followers to the oblivion, having a great creative profile picture or avatar is a must.

Of course, there are many ways how to achieve mind bending profile pictures. Going down the illustration way is almost always a sure shot. Authentic and not confusing.

We have put together 3 styles you should go after, when searching for illustrator who will portrait your alter ego for your heavily followed accounts on social media.


Adventure Comics

Thin vector lines, manga influences and rich details. An illustration that almost feels like you have just entered to world of Belgian comic book store, with promising adventures at least with Rahan or Tin Tin.

Explore the artworks of Ben, Minty’s Belgian illustrator in residence, to get the full picture.

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Flat Funk

Well, here is the thing. You want something authentic and fresh, but of course, you need to make sure people will actually recognise your face, when clicking on that magic “Follow” button. Flat Funk is the right choice for you.

Check out illustrations made by Catalina. Fresh and vivid, but still recognisable.
And yes, that’s Bill Murray. 

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Mind Fiction

What if you are really up to something that will change the hearts and melt minds?
Surrealism is your answer. But don’t google Dalí ( please don’t put that liquid clock in your profile). Instead try something else. Connect with artist, who can do contemporary surrealism really, really well. Just like Monica on Minty.

These illustrations will set your precious follower’s minds on melting course – exactly where you want them, right?.

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