Halloween is nice opportunity to have some fun with your visuals in marketing campaign. But how to avoid “spooky season” cliches and pitfalls (including mentioning words spooky season too much)?
We have put together three quick tips.

1. Audience

Make sure you know your audience. Halloween means something different to different groups of people. Kids and families in United States might be expecting different illustrations and themes than young professionals celebrating halloween in London. Also, don’t forget, that this year is pandemic special, so avoid visuals challenging people to gather indoors and rather focus on fictional fun anyone can enjoy, either alone home or within close circle of family and friends.

So, before we dive into rough wilderness of metal illustrations, here is something sweet for younger audiences. Author: Agnese.

2. Get scary. Really scary.

All your passions and secret crazy-scary obsessions have now the opportunity to come out. Get vampire spooky. Slasher horror crazy. Don’t be afraid of blood (as long as it is only illustrated). People will be scared and probably slightly disgusted. But hey, that’s what we aim for right?

3. Death Metal Halloween is the new black

Ok, maybe we went a bit over the line in point No. 2. So what is the new golden standard, when you want to be authentic, but maybe not so crazy? There is only one answer: Death Metal.
Get inspired with those energetic visuals and illustrations that previously belonged only to Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne, or Iron Maiden. Everyone will love you, from you your kids, to your crazy uncle.

Our lovely illustrations for this blog are by Agnese & Marcos Cabrera.