Risto was commissioned to make a cover and inside illustration for the main topic of the magazine about the hacking of the human brain. Neuralink – a company founded by Elon Musk which works on brain enhancement tools, created a system of reading, downloading and manipulating the way human brain could work. Super thin threads would be implanted into the brain and could read the brain signals.


2 weeks


Forbes Next (czech issue)

Forbes magazine on technology, future and innovation.

Illustration Agency: 

Owl Agency


Risto Avramovski

Project Overview: 

For the new issue of Forbes Next, we’ve been asked to create innovative concept to visualise Brain hacking, the new technology being explored by many scientists and few entrepreneurs. The whole issue was researching what’s going on in the wild, what projects are on and what’s the current status of those projects. Articles involved projects researching artificial eyes, artificial arms, artificial minds and also immortality.

Petra Kemkova
Illustration Agent & CEO of Illustration Agency OWL

Key points of the concept

  • Human brain as a vessel for transporting data
  • Modern human as a machine
  • Physical world vs digital / Humans could operate into the digital world without physical interaction

The human brain as a collection of data (concept drawing)

Sketches and concept illustrations.

Risto used the neural code (system of deciphering the brain activities) as a pattern background in the initial illustration, he decided not to use the idea at the end.

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… and some further messy process…

…leading to final illustrations. One for the magazine cover, one for the featured article.

Final illustrations

cover illustration

The inside spread illustration

And that’s how the magazine cover is born. Enjoy!

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