Petra (illustration agent): Hi Judit. Do you have a specific technique or more of them that you use in your artwork?

Judit (illustrator): Yes, for example paper cuts came back to me from time to time. Probably because I always collected coloured paper and colourful magazines and loved making collages.

Petra: Why do you like this technique?

Judit: I love the fresh and naive look of these collages. It’s all about exploring…

Most of the time I work digitally but I love to make paper-cut studies before jumping into the work. I work with flat shapes, with a bright colour palette. Paper-cut is really close to my style.

Making them helps me to understand shapes and colours. Paper-cut method gives me a lot of freedom because I can’t undo. And it means I won’t overwork the shapes.

To make it more fun I never draw on the paper. I just grab the scissors and go.

Judit is professional illustrator represented by OWL AGENCY.

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Bird studies

Petra: Let’s talk about birds…

Judit: I made these bird studies before creating my illustrations in digital. I wanted to make happy playful compositions using very simple shapes, so the birds were mainly built from ellipses.

Paper-cut is like a puzzle for me, made from colourful shapes and I need to figure out the right composition.

Creating paper-cuts is an important part of my practise. It helps me to develop my illustration style.

My sketchbook always contains paper-cuts.

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Let's try the process

Petra: Sounds so easy… but it’s not, right?

Judit: This technique has a little uncertainty, which makes these illustrations more human. I love the imperfect shapes which arise from cutting with scissors.

The other fun part is when I glue together two shapes and they still have a chance to move a little, or I have an idea to move them, but they wouldn’t go all the way. These situations can result in some unexpected combinations of shapes.

Judit is illustrator based in Hungary. She loves to work with bold shapes, vibrant colours and use a minimal colour palette. She really enjoys drawing stylised disproportionate shapes and can make them move by using simple playful lines indicating movement. Her delicate style creates a world expressing joy, kindness and positivity. You can use her images to inject positive emotions to the wide variety of themes from tech to medical because her images will always put to the forefront people and their emotions.

Represented by OWL AGENCY.

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