Halloween is something that should be fun. And yet, we should never forget that fun, no matter how scary it could be, should be always without anger or hate.
We have put together three quick tips, to make sure you find the right balance in your illustrations.

1. Audience

Make sure you know your audience. Halloween means something different to different groups of people. Kids and families in United States might be expecting different illustrations and themes than young professionals celebrating halloween in London. Also, don’t forget, that pandemic is not over yet everywhere, so avoid visuals that will somehow bring memories of tougher times back.

Having brisk visuals, that are rough, a bit different, and in same time both calming and fresh is a challenge. We have picked artworks by Daniel, which have perfect balance of wierdness and cuteness, ideal for Halloween 2021.

2. Be scary without hate

While it should provide the right dose of scare, Halloween of 2021 should be spreading tolerance and no hate. Try to have monsters that are cute and scary in same time.

3. Do not be afraid of authenticity. 

Probably the biggest challenge in producing something fun and scary is authenticity. Making things look right, tolerant, on the edge and not cheesy in same time is hard.

Make sure to have your Halloween visuals as authentic as possible.

Our lovely illustrations for this blog are by Daniel,  Michiel & Marcos Cabrera  

Cover art by Daniel