In couple months, Minty will be celebrating its 4th year. Born as an offspring from Owl Agency, with not more than 40 illustrators, Minty has become a place, where the best illustration talent connects. More than 20 000 unique illustrations have been so far uploaded to portfolios, from illustrator palette so diverse, we have never dreamed of.

Today, Minty is global platform, used by professional illustrators from all corners of the world, from San Francisco, USA, through Zaragoza, Spain, to Ahmedabad in India. Illustration superstars, equality fighters, black lives matter artists, established European editorial illustrators, artists from regions where single stroke of pencil can get you to jail, all of them, are side by side hosting their portfolios and careers on Minty. And we are proud of them.

To celebrate our diversity, we have picked 5 fresh illustration talents. Each with different story, each from different corner of our planet.

Michiel Baumgarten

Dutch based illustrator, with characteristically vivid style, forward, looking to playful visuals.. Michiel’s work also shows, what future of flat illustration will look like – it has to be fun. If you like his style, you are in good company, among clients such as Coca Cola, Ogilvy or Google.

Naya Ismael

Originally from Damascus, Syria, based in Dubai, Naya is illustrator famous for her subtle depiction of female emotions. Besides hiring her for editorial illustrations, you can also get one of here popular artworks on t-shirt here.

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Sofia Romagnolo

Geometric shapes, movement by using fun patterns and contrasting colours and bold lines, that’s Sofia’s portfolio. Based in Italy, she draws inspiration from worldwide culture and social issues. Her art often contain strong messages and emotions that transpire through the use of colours and composition.

Yessi Nur

Java born, Indonesian illustrator, currently living in Bali is an example of global creative, with illustrations that sparks joy all over the globe. Her clients include star filled roster with brands such as Facebook Asia, Hyatt Bali or Voyages Du Monde.

Antonio Jesús Rodriguez

If you are looking for powerful Spanish talent, with cutting edge style and fresh approach, look no further. Antonio’s fresh approach masterfully mixes influences into mouthwatering, fresh and unseen illustrations.

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