Smiles, playfulness and happiness. We believe these will be most popular goods articles in following months. It is important to realise that optimism is the best tool to pack for the future. In the end, the world you see, is the one you decide to paint. Right?

With all this on mind, we are proud to introduce you to 5 outstanding female illustrators to hire on remote.

1. Playing with cats with Judit

Quirky poses, nowadays concepts, bright colours, inclusive body shapes… Judit have it all. Highly experienced Hungarian artist is available from midsize projects to global campaigns. But if you have a project including cats, dogs or yoga Judit is your (wo)man even for smaller projects.

2. Investing with Bessa

It’s not easy to find many artists specialising on a certain tone. Who would you hire to themes where you want to lighten up mood or when looking for visual stylisation with an edge? Ideal candidate would be Prague based illustrator Bessa. And you can invest in her art in crypto world.

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3. Armenian blood pulsing in Venice

Nvard is an Armenian illustrator based between Florence, Venice and Yerevan. Nominated for the World Illustration Awards 2019 for her illustration series about Soviet modernist architecture in Armenia and the Koschatzky Art-Award 2021, she is passionate about architecture, urbanism, cultural heritage, art, history and politics. Nvard also enjoys lighter themes of everyday life, where she creates beautiful concepts for anyone to relate.

4. Back to traveling with Yessi

Based in Indonesia, Yessi is the perfect pick to hire for nature,  bright colours, vivid textures or Bali maps. Present in her work are disproportionate bodies suggesting body positivity message, female characters, bold colours and cute faces.

5. Moving to a new home with Sasa

Funky feminine simple line, good mood, light touch. Saša’s pleasant personality along with her professionalism are perfect combination for nice visuals. Well known for her realisation for IKEA, she is always overbooked, so make sure to come to us ahead of the deadline.

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