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"Since commissioning artists via Minty, our designs stand out like never before. Not only I find new talent to hire, but I keep track of our artists and their previous works with invoices and contracts on one place. Trend reports are also enjoyable!"

Mark SmithArt Director, Eye Candy

Have questions about pricing?

You can use Minty tools to find and hire artists. You can approach artists with your assignments. You can discuss budget of the Artwork which is requested to be paid up front after you and artist come to an agreement. 

You will not be able to approach artists. Artists are professionals building their careers, we do not want them to be interrupted with requests unless there is serious interest to hire them. 

You will get billed monthly when you activate one of our plans. You will always receive the notification one week ahead. 

Yes, you can always cancel your subscription. Read more here. You can cancel anytime effective from the next month. 

Definitely, we are glad to help you with any problems or challenges you might have in order to make your experience better.

No at the moment. But our cheapest program to get in touch with artists is only 15Eur /month. When you mention non-profit work to our community of artists they will gladly offer you discounted rates.

The tax is calculated based on the type of business you perform (an individual or a company) as well as the country you specify within the billing address.

If you are an individual, and:

– you are located in the European Union – the tax of the country you are located in is applied

– you are located outside the European Union – the tax of Slovakia (Minty HQ) is applied

If you are a company, and:

– you are located in the European Union and you have provided a valid VAT (enterprise) number – no tax is applied

– you are located outside the European Union and you have provided a Business ID– no tax is applied

– you are located in Slovakia – the tax 20% is applied

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