Weeks ago, we have started out our initiative: Fight Corona With Art, which is a growing collection of illustrations to help fight the spread of coronavirus by keeping people informed.

While the collection is still growing, we have already picked most interesting themes that started to emerge.


Face Masks

While questioned by WHO, when adopted by whole population, face masks appear to be very effective. Here, illustrations are crucial, as they make seem wearing face masks as “business as usual”, which is an important achievement in Europe and US, where masks were not culturally accepted.


Awesome artworks by Eugen and Carina


Healthy at Home

Stay home, promote health and hygiene. These keywords might sound obvious and overused already, but they are still important. Artworks combining vivid gradients and styles are making these truths more interesting.

Illustrations by Fill

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Mr. Virus himself

Even though coronavirus is said to be colourless, we want to know how it looks. And once we know it, it is not a bad idea to make a little caricature out of it.

If you are journalist, blogger, activist or a neighbour, you can take action by downloading and using the artwork. If situation allows you, please buy artwork and help artists in quarantine zones hit hardest by the virus.

If you are artist, take action by uploading your own illustrations. If the situation allows you, use #fightcoronawithart hashtag to offer illustration for free.

Fight Corona With Art